Strategic Message Development

Circumstances change. Has your messaging?

When your five-year plan becomes obsolete in five minutes, how do you pivot without doing permanent damage to your organization’s culture? You communicate: with candor, without jargon.

The best way to do that? Bring in an external expert, someone who’s not mired in your organization’s politics and language, someone who can interview key stakeholders to see if your current message is getting through—and, if necessary, craft a new message to reflect the new realities of the business world.

COVID-19 isn’t the only thing changing how business gets done. Remember before the pandemic, when you were trying to talk about the oncoming wave of automation? Even in companies with a mostly white-collar workforce, people were panicking, worried that a computer might replace them. I’ve seen so many organizations blow their opportunity to connect with those worried employees—eroding their productivity and engagement, perhaps permanently. Don’t make that mistake.

In a full- or half-day strategy session (live or virtual), I’ll help you define or redefine your key message. Then we can decide how to cascade those messages, from the top down:

  • A speech from your CEO
  • Talking points/emails for department heads
  • Messaging for idea ambassadors seeded throughout your organization
  • Team-level emails and talking points mangers can customize for their people

And because people need to hear messages more than once, I’ll define key messaging you can deploy for a full six moths after layoffs or another significant change.

We can provide speech coaching for leaders who want it, so they can deliver the new messages with impact.

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