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“You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.”

— Warren Buffett


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Strategic Message Development
Circumstances change. Has your messaging?
TEDx Talks and Keynotes
Speak memorably, with expert support.
Inclusive Messaging for a Diverse World
Head-in-the-sand is no longer an option.
Workshops & Private Coaching
Your group or ours? And one-on-one coaching, too.

The People Behind the Expertise

Need to translate your aspirations into actions? To find the real story in a torrent of unrelated ideas? To meld competing visions into a coherent whole?

You need the right people for that. Good news:
You've found them.


Greetings from the land of the first “Thanksgiving”

Greetings from the land of the first “Thanksgiving”

I live on Cape Cod. Centuries before my Daddy bought this tiny plot of land, the whole neighborhood—the whole Cape…

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Who benefits?—A Case Study

Who benefits?—A Case Study

Sometimes internal communications folks have a thankless job. Whenever the company rolls out a new program or process, they call…

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“It’s only the Chamber of Commerce”—A Case Study

“It’s only the Chamber of Commerce”—A Case Study

Why is it that CEOs have speechwriters but the people who aspire to be CEOs—or C-somethings—don't? We all know how…

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