May 2017

When we hit Week 11 of my 12-week Writing Unbound program last month, my writers insisted that I needed to give them a follow-up. I’d been planning to, just not right away—this is a busy time of year for me. But if my motto for this business weren’t “Write. Now.” it would be “Give the people what they want.” So we’re now working our way through 12 weeks of Writing Beyond—the advanced seminar.

My 90-Day Writing Challenge continues, with about 80% of the participants keeping their daily writing streaks alive. I’d set up a monthly Writers’ Group for them, but they’ve decided to meet weekly. I’m thrilled to see how excited they are to create and to support each other.

Big client project gearing up this month, the word-marathon I run every year. That will occupy a lot of my time during May and June, but I can usually always find a spot for a fascinating project. If you’ve got something you’d like me to work on, hit Contact on the menu bar.

I’ll update this page as things change. And thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea of the “Now” Page.