September 2020

Do you want to give a TEDx Talk? Expert booker Marie Incontrera and I have put together a program to help you explore how to find ideas and put them together. Our TEDx Happy Hour starts October 21st.

When we ran the program this summer, one of our people landed a talk at TEDx Beacon Street, like, 15 minutes after our program ended. Your mileage may vary, but at the very least you’ll walk away with a solid outline of a TEDx-worthy speech.

Speaking of TEDx Talks, the good folks at TED have put my TEDx Talk on their website. Enjoy!

Throughout 2020, I’ll have a limited amount of time available for private, one-on-one coaching. If you’ve got some writing you’ve been looking to do—whether a short-term project like blog posts or a longer project like a book—fill out the application and let’s talk.

I’ll update this page as things change. And thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea of the “Now" Page.

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