Your TEDx Talks, Presentations, and Keynotes

Speak memorably, with expert support

As an award-winning speechwriter, I am happy to co-create your keynotes or major presentations—from developing strategic ideas to writing a speech that sounds like you.

And if you’re ready to knock “Give TEDx Talk” off your bucket list, the TEDxCellence™ program I developed with Marie Incontrera, an expert at positioning TEDx Talks and getting speakers booked, will take you from ideation through creation of a TEDx Talk and its attendant pitch materials. Marie will then pitch the talks to TEDx events until you get booked.

  • Private TEDxCellence™ Coaching: Marie and Elaine work with one client at a time. Ensures privacy and flexibile scheduling.
  • Bespoke TEDxCellence™ group program, tailored especially for your organization.
  • Individuals may join one of our TEDxCellence™ group programs, offered two or three times a year.

If your organization wishes to hold its own TEDx event, we can guide you through the process of applying for a license from TED and work with your internal staff to create the event.

We can also coach you on the delivery of your speech, whether you’re alone on a TED stage or behind a microphone at a formal keynote event.

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