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Write your way into leadership roles

Starts January 28th 2020!

“You did something very few sessions do—make me want MORE!
Your presentation style is captivating and I could listen to you for a very long time.
It’s clear to me that what you do is a (well and hard worked on) gift.”
— Caroline Stokes, CEO, The Forward Company

Here’s a selection of programs I’ve offered in the past—and may offer again.

Writing Challenge

Write for five days in a row, 15 minutes a day, and your registration fee goes to charity.





  • Find your authentic voice as a writer
  • Frame your message and make it memorable
  • Tell a story that will stick with your people
  • Use data without putting your audience to sleep
  • Move your readers or listeners to action
  • Tap into your creativity to make your writing unique

Open only to people who have completed Writing Unbound, this 12-week seminar helps writers explore and synthesize the skills they learned in the earlier course. Each 90-minute weekly session focuses on specific challenges the writers have identified in their work.

A half-day group session gives you the tools you need to revise your work. Then VIP private coaching helps you discover how to make the most of them.

Free webinars

Revising—the “Secret Sauce” of Great Writing

You may have turned in your first draft in college, but out in the world the stakes are higher. Nobody cares about your GPA; they care about understanding what you’re trying to say. And if they don’t, if your message is muddy or unfocused, they’ll stop reading or listening. Discover the art of revision and watch your writing improve.

Stuck in the Elevator?: create a pitch you love sharing

Most people hate their elevator pitches—I used to hate mine, too—so I put together this webinar as a public service. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve gotten:

It was really fabulous to have the institution of the elevator pitch picked apart and reformed. I’ve got the materials now to power through a new version. Invaluable.“—Deborah    

“In just two minutes after the call I have outlined a narrative much different than one I might have used before.”—Jane

 Shoot me an email if you’re interested in any of my webinars and you’ll be the first to know when I open them up again.