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You know the Chinese proverb about giving someone a fish vs. teaching them to fish, right? Fishing lessons offer more lasting value—and you can get dinner out of them.

If you’ve got a writing project you’re stuck on…
if you’d like help strategizing a good theme and creating an outline…
if you’d like me to suggest edits and then review your revisions…
We can make that happen with a personal coaching session by phone or Skype.

First step: Book an initial consultation. We’ll spend 20 minutes talking about your needs and what you want to work on.

The Master Edit (1 hour: 15-30 minute prep and 30-45 minute live session) Send me your work and I’ll review it and make notes (we’ll adjust the prep time depending on the length of your piece). Then we get together and I’ll run down my comments about the piece’s structure, themes, style—whatever’s most important to you. I’ll suggest techniques for you to try, and we’ll work together to make sure you know how to use them.

The Laser Focus (timeframe varies depending on project) If you’ve got a major project you’d like help with in a defined period of time—say you need to write a white paper in a week—we can negotiate a package that allows me to dedicate a block of time to work on it with you.

The Master Class For select clients interested in developing their skills to a higher level, I offer a package of weekly coaching sessions. I’m happy to talk to you about this program after we’ve worked together.