“What’s your TEDx Talk about?”

That question left me stammering, and I’m not usually at a loss for words. But the truth was, I hadn’t given a TEDx Talk yet—hadn’t even tried to pitch an idea to a TEDx organizer.


It’s simple: I was scared.

And I’m an award-winning speechwriter.

If the idea of a TEDx Talk scares me—someone who’s been writing speeches for more than 25 years and even given some of my own—I realized there must be lots of other people out there just as frightened as I was. Or more.

If you’re like me, the TEDx Starter Kit is for you.


What is your TEDx fear costing you?

Is your fear of standing on that TEDx stage  keeping you from growing as a professional and as a human being?

Raise your profile with a TEDx Talk and you could attract new clients, better opportunities, the recognition you deserve.

And consider this: Someone out there needs to hear your idea. You’ll help them know they’re not alone, spark their own new ideas, show them what courage looks like.

Leverage our expertise to step into your expertise



Elaine Bennett is an award-winning speechwriter (that’s me on the left); Marie Incontrera is an expert at content development and positioning. Between the two of us, we’ve written TEDx talks, organized TEDx events, and spoken on TEDx stages.

If you’ve got an idea for a talk you want to give once the world opens up again, now is the time to start developing it. Live events may be at a standstill, but most organizers are planning TEDx events for the future. In fact, there’s never been a been a better time to be working on your TEDx idea.

What is the TEDx Starter Kit?

The TEDx Starter Kit is five 90-minute live, Zoom sessions that bring you together with some of the brightest future TEDx speakers from around the world. We’re always amazed at the synergy between our participants and their chosen subjects. You can expect lots of good feedback.

Marie leads the first session, showing you how to narrow your ideas to a TEDx–appropriate focus. And Elaine will talk about mindset—including how to deal with that tiny voice insisting that you have nothing to say. (Yes, we all have that voice. And yes, it’s super-annoying.)

Elaine leads the second session, demonstrating how my Story Safari™ technique can help you find the stories that only you can tell. We’ll also analyze some TEDx speeches online and talk about how they do and don’t work.

During the third session, you’ll share the ideas you’re working on and Marie and Elaine will workshop as many of them as time allows—helping you to find the key nuggets you’ll want to put into your “elevator pitch" to TEDx bookers.

The fourth session will be an open Q&A, time to talk through any challenges or concerns you have as you write your pitches.

In the fifth and final session, you’ll put it all together. Every TEDx booker will want to see a 90-second (max) video of you articulating your idea—the equivalent of an elevator pitch. Share yours with your fellow participants (live or on video, your choice) and get feedback.

In between our weekly meetings, you can access our private Facebook group to brainstorm your ideas and get additional support and feedback.

Does it work?

One participant in our inaugural TEDx Happy Hour booked a virtual TEDx Talk almost as soon as the program ended. (Marie wants me to point out that this a slight exaggeration. But it did happen amazingly fast. And, of course, Your Mileage May Vary.) And the video of her talk got elevated to the TED.com platform almost immediately. (Okay, Marie: Very quickly.)

“When I signed up for Marie Incontrera’s and Elaine Bennett’s TEDx [Starter Kit] Program earlier this year, I never could have imagined I would have completed my first TEDx talk with TEDxBeaconStreet. This program opened my eyes to having a killer opening, the level of research required, and the expectations for the writeup for the perfect TEDx Talk! If this is on your bucket list, get with Marie and Elaine and they can make sure you have the tools and a clear understanding of how to pitch and give a great TEDx Talk!"

– Dr. Cindy Young, PMP, LSS MBB, CMQ/OE

Look at all you’ll accomplish!

  • discover how to move forward, even if you’re afraid
  • begin to articulate your TEDx idea
  • become more adept at finding ideas
  • discover how to tell stories that set you apart
  • hone and get feedback on your idea
  • develop an “elevator pitch" for TEDx bookers
  • exercise your mind in new ways

Working with both of us on these skills would normally start at $2500. Your investment for the TEDx Happy Hour is a fraction of that: just $497. 

Next session begins February 28, 2022 at 1pm Eastern time (US)

TEDx Starter Kit