Our No-Hassle Cancellation Policy

Our "more than your money back" guaranteeFor Classes/Webinars/Weekly What

Need to cancel? If you’ve made a good faith effort to do the work and the program just isn’t what you expected, I’ll cheerfully refund your money within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Well, okay, I will ask questions. But only because I want to know if there’s something in the structure or content of the course I need to address.

Oh, and I’ll also send you a $10 Starbucks or iTunes gift card for your trouble. That’s the “More Than Your Money Back” part.

For Retreats

Cancel more than 30 days before a retreat and I’ll refund your full purchase price (plus the $10 gift card).

Cancel more than 7 days before a retreat and I’ll refund 50% of your purchase price.

Cancel less than 7 days before a retreat and I’m sorry, I cannot process a refund for you.

For On the Write Track

Part of the reason I created this eight-month-long program is help you commit to your growth as a writer. It’s a big commitment—and sometimes that can get scary. Because I want to encourage you to honor the important commitment you’ve made to yourself, I do not offer any refunds on this program.