You have ideas. Of course you do, you’re an entrepreneur.

Or maybe you’re a business professional working for the proverbial Man. You’ve got ideas, too. How well does “The Man” listen to them?

Do the people you deal with recognize your power? Do you?

Your ideas could spark discussions, change lives, change the trajectory of your business, even change people’s lives. They deserve to be heard. So do you.

So write—right?

But when you write, the confident leader in you disappears. You feel stuck. Insecure. And you, who can do so much so well—you do not enjoy feeling stuck and insecure. Who does?

And vulnerable? No thanks. I’d rather eat a gallon of broccoli than feel vulnerable. (Maybe that’s just me.)

But broccoli really is good for you. And vulnerability—well, it’s the only way to make solid connections with people.

What if writing can feel safe?

I’ve felt scared and vulnerable, too. I used humor to mask my true feelings. I talked around my ideas instead of stating them clearly.

I was afraid to seem “too smart”—which is hard because, dammit, I am smart. Why did I feel I needed to hide it?

Eventually, I learned to embrace who I am—brains and all. And you know what happened? People started noticing me.

“You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking
into straight writing.” — Warren Buffett

Yes, I’ve worked with Warren Buffett. And many other leading executives at some of the biggest companies in the United States.They trust me to put words in their mouths because I give them unique, memorable speeches.

How do I do that? I’ve learned to sit back and listen to the creative voice inside me. I’ve learned to trust my instincts. I’ve learned to feel confident about myself. And safe. Safe enough to shine.

If you’re ready to shine, too—if you’re ready to embrace your potential and unleash your powerful, persuasive voice…

…have I got a program for you.

Writing Unbound is the program I wish I’d had when I was making the transition from student papers to real-world writing.

Yes, I’d spent tens of thousands of dollars learning to write in college. But the skills that earned me great grades on my assignments don’t translate well to the real world. As good a writer as I was, I realized I’d have to learn how to write in a new way.

I’ll be honest: This did not fill me with joy. So if you’ve got some resistance, believe me—I know where you’re coming from.

I also know where you want to go. And I put together Writing Unbound to help you get there.

If you’re ready to commit to the journey, my Writing Unbound program offers you a safe, supportive place to discover and practice the skills great writers use.

You’ll have an experienced award-winning guide (me!) and a group of committed and compassionate new writers taking that same wobbly journey with you.

How do I know they’ll be committed and compassionate? Because those are the kinds of people who enroll in my classes. I mean, isn’t that the kind of person you are?

Writing Unbound offers you a container in which to write—for the three months of the program and beyond. You’ll unlock a wealth of confidence as you expand your comfort zone. And you’ll hone skills that can take you far—in business writing, as a speaker, as a storyteller. Even just making a point effectively in a conversation.

My corporate clients pay me many thousands of dollars to write just one speech for them. I’ll teach you the skills and techniques I use to craft that kind of award-winning work so you can write powerfully for yourself, for the rest of your life.

Writing Unbound offers you

  • Twelve weeks of video tutorials, released once a week. And of course you have lifetime access to them. In the videos, I’ll show you how to
    • break through your fears;
    • tell a story memorably, whether you’re writing a blog or a business presentation;
    • use data without putting people to sleep;
    • incorporate humor into your work—yes, even business presentations
    • craft your own “hero’s journey” story
    • end your writing with a powerful call to action.
  • Every other week, we’ll hop on a Zoom call to talk about the content of the previous two videos and to answer your questions.

  • Four half-hour private sessions with me where I’ll give you constructive feedback and help with specific challenges.
  • And six writers’ group live Zoom calls—once a month during the program and for three months after Writing Unbound ends!—where you share your work with each other. If this seems scary, that’s exactly why you need to do it. I won’t force you to share, but it’s a valuable learning experience.


Pay in full at registration and receive

  • Two extra private coaching sessions with me.


Free enrollment in Write Now! a 13-week series of writing prompts.


I will audit your About page—the most important page on your website—and show you how to turn it into a compelling story about yourself and your business. ($1,000 value)

You have something to say. You have a message to share with people. I know you want to write, because you found your way to me (and you’re still reading this). Fill out the application and let’s see if this is the year for you to stop dreaming about writing and start doing it.