I finished The 5×15 Writing Challenge!

Only 14 people in our March Challenge earned the right to post this link. They joined over 40 committed writers from previous challenges who found 15 minutes  to write every day for five days in a row (March 13th-17th).

Award-winning writer Elaine Bennett designed The 5×15 Writing Challenge to encourage writers to practice their craft regularly—the surest way to improve. Complete the challenge and your entire $15 registration fee would go to Room to Read, a global nonprofit spreading literacy, with a special focus on young girls.

“I very much enjoyed the daily practice of writing. I found the prompts very helpful and the 15-minute time limit even more so. Nothing seemed too hard or too daunting and there is nothing—well almost nothing—you can’t do for 15 minutes.”

And those who wished to share their work could post it in our private Facebook group:

“I want to thank everyone for their generosity. I’ve learned from reading what you wrote and from having the courage and encouragement to write!”

Just over two dozen people signed up for the challenge in March, 19 began the challenge and over 73% finished it! We’ve donated over $1,300 to Room to Read thusfar.

So what’s next?

Many of the Challengers are eager to keep their writing streaks going. They are jumping into a 90-Day Challenge that begins April 1st.

No, you don’t have to write for 90 days in a row. You can earn donations to your favorite nonprofit with a streak as short as 15 days. But go the full 90 and the payoff is significant—for you, and for your nonprofit.

Click on the image below and join us.