Writing Unbound laid the foundation,
helped you discover the techniques great writers use.
Now Use Them.

Writing Beyond — how far can your skills take you?

Writing Unbound offered a 12-week overview of the skills great writers use to paint detailed word-pictures, establish an emotional connection with their readers, and tell a memorable story.

During the 12 weeks of Writing Beyond, you’ll explore the practical applications of those techniques—focusing on one in particular each week. A targeted writing assignment will give you the opportunity to try the technique for yourself.

I’m scheduling our live, interactive Zoom webinars for 90 minutes, so we’ll have plenty of time to discuss everyone’s work. And of course I’ll post a recording of the full session in our Facebook group and on my website as soon as possible after the end of each week’s class.

  • We’ll review the week’s technique and analyze how published writers have used it. Did they do it well? Would you have made different choices?
  • You’ll share your work on the week’s assignment and receive guidance and specific feedback from me and your fellow writers.
  • You’re also welcome to share how you’ve used the week’s technique in other writing you’re doing.
  • We’ll have a Q&A halfway through each 90-minute session, so people who can only stay an hour will still have a chance to ask questions.
  • And did I mention the guidance and specific feedback from your talented, sensitive, and smart fellow writers? Of course I did, but it bears repeating. We have created an extraordinary community.
Unsolicited—and completely accurate—feedback posted on the Writing Unbound private Facebook group.

The Program

Because Writing Beyond builds on skills developed during the 12-week Writing Unbound course, this program is only open to people who have completed Writing Unbound. Click here to get on the wait list for the next session of Writing Unbound.

Some of the topics we’ll focus on in Writing Beyond include:

  • Strong headlines & ledes
  • Stories: How to find them & how to use them
  • “Metaphors be with you” (sorry—I can never resist a bad Star Wars pun), how to find and use metaphors
  • Using the element of surprise while maintaining the integrity of your message
  • Establishing and capitalizing on a sense of mystery
  • Summing it all up with a memorable closing

And we’ll return to some topics frequently throughout the course, whatever techniques we’re working on:

  • Finding and maintaining a consistent writer’s voice
  • Considering your work from the audience’s perspective
  • Incorporating humor
  • Creating a coherent structure for the piece
  • Transitioning the reader seamlessly between your stories and ideas
  • Establishing and reaching your goals for each piece you write

During Writing Unbound, I got to know your strengths and growth areas, and I’ll keep those in mind as we move through the Writing Beyond work. The small-group setting will allow me to offer you specific, personalized attention during our calls and in any coaching sessions you schedule.

Your investment

You received four free half-hour coaching sessions when you signed up for Writing Unbound, and I volunteered to edit a piece of your choosing. You also have a free half-hour to use at any time during the 90-Day Writing Challenge.

I will again offer to edit one piece for you during Writing Beyond. And to keep the base price of this program affordable, I’m offering additional coaching as an option for those of you who want more one-on-one time with me. At a steep discount, of course.

For those of you who’d like to add coaching, I’m offering a ridiculously deep discount, starting with the coaching package I offered for the 90-Day Writing Challenge, and deducting an additional 10% for you.

Writing Beyond ridiculously reduced coaching package

This coaching package is only available as an add-on at the time you register for Writing Beyond. If you want to buy additional coaching sessions later, I can offer you the Friends & Family rate of $125 per half hour, more than 33% below my usual fee.

Pay here securely with PayPal

Writing Beyond — Choose your option

The Details

We’ll hold our live sessions on Zoom, 12:00—1:30 p.m. Eastern time, every Thursday beginning May 4th. (“May the 4th be with you”—another bad Star Wars pun.)

No session on June 1st, so our final meeting will be 13 weeks after we begin—July 27th.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you!