To connect with people, you’ve got to tell them a story.

You know that. It’s why I’ve invited you to join the select group of business people, creatives, entrepreneurs, and otherwise great storytellers in my Virtual Salon.


Confirmed speakers:


What’s a Virtual Salon?

It’s like a Virtual Summit, only with cushier sofas. Okay—no sofas, but I wanted to call to mind the famous literary salons of the 19th and 20th centuries.

If you haven’t heard of Virtual Summits, they aggregate interviews of dozens of famous and up-and-coming thinkers and entrepreneurs. The interviews generally get rolled out in a package so large it’s impossible to watch them all.

I’m aiming for something smaller and more intimate—10-12 interviews on one subject: Storytelling. The Virtual Salon doors will open on September 23, 2019, with each interview available for 48 hours.

You and I place stories at the center of our work but, believe it or not, some other people think of stories as digressions. In my 25+ years working with corporate clients and entrepreneurs, I’ve encountered far too many Type-A types who just want to cut to the chase. But who’s gonna chase you if you haven’t gotten their attention?

I’m tired of trying to convince clients to tell stories, so I thought I’d bring in some reinforcements: Successful people who recognize the role that great stories have played in creating their success.

In short: You.

So what am I asking for?

  • About a half-hour of your time for a Zoom interview—at your convenience in late August/early September.
  • Feel free to include a gift or other offer for listeners if you like.
  • I hope you’ll promote the Virtual Salon in the late summer—I’ll provide copy and graphics you can use or customize for your list.
  • And the world becomes a better place as more people embrace the magic of story-telling.

More about me, if you’d like

Elaine Bennett
trying not to be blinded by the sun

This isn’t really about me. But, yes, I understand why you’d want to know more about the lady with the pink streak in her hair asking you to record a video interview with her.

I’m an award-winning speechwriter and a writing coach. Enough of a Type-A personality to have worked on Wall Street with some of the smartest and most demanding clients in the world. In fact, one of those clients said:

“You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.” — Warren Buffett

I’m also a creative person (see aforementioned pink hair), and I love using unexpected flourishes to enliven the usual blah, blah, blah of business writing. Or any writing.

I’ve written for a number of business luminaries over the past 25+ years. And I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs and rising business leaders learn how to write for themselves—so their ideas get remembered, so their voices get heard, so they shine as they deserve to.


Shoot me a note here.