Talk to Me

I don’t know about you, but I get very grumpy when I feel a speaker hasn’t tailored remarks to me.

I don’t mean me personally, but whatever audience I’m in. When you’re speaking to the teachers’ association, you don’t talk about saving the financial services industry. You talk about education.

And when you’re speaking to a more heterogenous group – where some people care about education and others about financial services – you find something unique to say to them. Think about what brings these people together to hear you and acknowledge that they are different than the people you spoke to yesterday or this morning or the group you’ll address tomorrow.

Some politicians do this well. Bill Clinton was (still is) a master at this. The first George Bush, not so much. Remember the campaign stop where he read his notes to the audience? “Message: I care.” Implication: He clearly didn’t.

You want to give a successful speech? Think about what you’re saying. And talk to me.

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