Write & Deliver that Speech—Finally!

In one survey, fear of giving a speech ranked higher than fear of dying.

Does that resonate with you? On your scale of 1 to 10 is it Death 1, Public Speaking 29?

Some fear is good—a little performance anxiety keeps us on our toes onstage. But if your fear of public speaking keeps you offstage—if it impacts your career trajectory, stops you from growing your skills and your income—no, no, no, my friend. It’s time to slay that dragon once and for all.

Give me eight weeks and I’ll show you how to

  1. find a unique idea
  2. write a great speech
  3. create a comfortable speaking style that draws listeners in

We’ll work on these essential skills together in live group webinars and privately in one-on-one coaching sessions. Everyone gets four private sessions to schedule at your convenience. We’ll have one more group meeting four weeks after our last class, so you can share the challenges you’ve discovered and the successes you’ve had.

In Speechwriting for Speakers, you’ll write and deliver several short speeches (1 to 3 minutes) for business situations such as introducing another speaker, kicking off a charity dinner, presenting an idea at a meeting. And we’ll start you down the road of drafting a longer speech for that venue on your bucket list. Or if you’ve already booked a bucket-list speech, you can choose to work primarily on that.

Analysis of one of Bill Clinton's speeches

From my analysis of one of President Clinton’s speeches.

We’ll also review and analyze some of my favorite speeches and TED Talks, so you can see how the best speechwriters and speakers work their magic.

We’ll talk about how to incorporate humor into your speeches—and now not to.

You’ll discover some quick ways to set yourself at ease when you’re delivering a speech.

An Award-Winning Speechwriter

I’ve spent more than 25 years putting words in the mouths of CEOs of leading businesses and nonprofits—I’ve even won awards. One of my earliest clients said:

“You have a terrific ear and you turn
straight thinking into straight writing.”—Warren Buffett

I’m also an accomplished speaker in my own right. I ended 2019 with my first TEDx Talk (video to come), and I’ve spoken at colleges and companies as well. I know what you face when you stand on that stage.

And I’m a writing coach, helping people from beginners to experts expand the range of what they thought possible and write more memorably, whatever they’re writing.

You can hire me to write a speech for you—my fees start at $5,000—or you can invest a fraction of that and discover how to write your own, for the rest of your life.

Pay in full now and receive a suite of sweet bonuses, including a one-on-one session with me to rewrite your speaker’s bio or website About page (that’s a $1,000 value right there) and my brand-new e-book collecting some of my best advice about speechwriting (the information in it may in fact be priceless).

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three monthly payments of $545

Isn’t it time for you to give that speech?