Creativity Bookclub

Have you ever felt like your creativity has left town?

…like you’ll never have another original idea in your life?

…like if you had to stare at your laptop for one more second, you might scream?

Yep, so have I. And so has every writer in the world—except Hemingway, but only because he didn’t own a laptop.

So let’s dig in and discover how other creative people have dealt with those same challenges. That’s why I created Creativity Bookclub.

Why a bookclub?

Honestly, I’ve never been a big bookclub person. But whenever I get on a Zoom call with a fellow creative these days, I feel 10,000% better*—more positive, more connected, less alone. I thought perhaps you might like to feel those things, too—and the offer us a great jumping-off place to talk about creativity.

(*results not peer reviewed)

Why creativity?

So many of the writers I work with—actually, pretty much all of the writers I work with—go through periods of questioning everything from their work to their worth. The more we understand what it is, why it happens—and how to climb out of it—the better.

What’s my commitment?

R&R: Register and Read.

Just $10 for one month or $50 for six months secures your place in the Creativity Bookclub (and allows me to keep paying my virtual assistants). Then show up on the Zoom call every other week and talk about what you’ve read. We’ll probably stick with the same book through two calls, and then move on to the next.

The first book will be Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. We’ll look at the first two sections—Courage and Enchantment—at our first meeting (don’t worry if you don’t finish), and the rest of the book two weeks later.

If you’ve already read Big Magic, I think you’ll find it an even more energizing experience to read and discuss it with fellow creatives. And if you don’t happen to own a copy at the moment, I suggest downloading it to your favorite e-reader rather than waiting for it to ship.

Our first meeting will be Tuesday April 14th at 1pm Eastern time. And we’ll record all the calls so you can catch up if you miss one.

Register now.