How to recover your internal culture after a workplace scandal

How can you recover your internal culture and external brand after a workplace scandal?

How can you communicate with impact after losing trust of your people?

How can you find ways to change the workplace culture after bad press?

About today’s episode:

Today I chat with Elaine Bennett all the way in the U.S, in Cape Cod. Elaine is a Strategic Messaging Consultant with years of experience in supporting leaders to communicate the right way.

I speak with Elaine about: How to recover your culture after a workplace scandal.

Elaine talks about how she worked at Solomon Brothers during the midst of a fraud scandal.

  • How the new interim CEO, Warren Buffett, turned the internal culture and external brand around.
  • The essence of connecting with people through the framework of communication which Elaine provides.
  • Elaine’s practical tips and takeaways he has in relation to the above
  • And listen in to Elaine’s answer to my question: if you had a magic wand, what is one way you would change the workplace?

About today’s guest: Elaine is a strategic messaging consultant, advising clients from Fortune 50 CEOs to entrepreneurs on their messaging. She also creates and delivers trainings on how to improve the writing of everything from internal communications to speeches. Her 2019 TEDx Talk tackles the topic of how language can change the world.  She began her career on Wall Street 25+ years ago, as speechwriter for the CEO of Salomon Brothers. When scandal forced the executive to resign, Warren Buffett stepped in as Interim CEO—and Elaine’s newest client. Mr. Buffett offered Elaine one of his highest compliments: “You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.”


  • Elaine speaks