Hope from the next generation – Song (well, poem) for a Sunday

Hope seems in short supply sometimes, but the next generation is inspiring. I thought you might enjoy meeting one of them today.

the next generation of poets

Photo of Nina Donovan from her Facebook page, published on DailyMail.com

Nineteen-year-old poet Nina Donovan wrote the breathtaking poem Ashley Judd performed at the Women’s March on Washington a couple of weeks ago. And writers take note: she knew “#NastyWoman” would offend some people, but:

“…if I keep censoring myself then it’s not art. It’s no longer me.”

In this profile on i-D, she talks about her inspiration for the piece:

“I wrote it on the night of the presidential debate in which Trump called Hillary a ‘nasty woman,’….I immediately went to my phone and made notes. I literally couldn’t stop writing, I got so heated and passionate. I didn’t know it at the time but it was the longest piece I’d ever written. Later, I researched the issues I wanted to include. I wanted it to be a mixture of facts and opinions. This election was the first time I’d voted and I want to stay looped in, I have to stay educated.”

Shaping the next generation of poets, and leaders

Donovan found her way to poetry through a nonprofit called Southern Word, whose founders believe:

Through words, all youth claim the power and hope to determine their future.

She benefited from some of Southern Word’s workshops and gives back by helping to run them in schools. As she told i-D:

“Some of the kids have never heard of spoken word before, or it’s their first time writing a poem.” Inspiring other young people to use their voices is crucial she says, “because my generation is going to be the one that creates change.”

Indeed they will. The next generation is already doing us proud.

Here’s Donovan’s performance. Enjoy.

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