Is there a more satisfying word in the English language? Not for a writer.

But so many of us stop short of the finish line. Once the high of working on a new idea dies down and we get to the sloggy middle of the work, it’s easy for doubt to creep in. You wonder:

  • How do I know if this is good enough?

But the answer is:

  • You can’t know. Not on your own.

It’s devilishly hard to be objective about your own work. But it’s a skill you can learn—in fact, that’s one of the first things I cover in…

Draft to DONE

Dust off your half-finished work—business book, memoir, blog posts, whatever—and I’ll guide you to the finish line. In six live webinars, we’ll explore the common roadblocks writers encounter and—most importantly—how to steer around them.

Maybe it’s a mental block; maybe it’s a technical issue; maybe you’re nearly finished but you don’t know how to let go. Whatever the issue, we’ve all been there. When you hear how many of your fellow writers in the program have gone through the same things, I bet you’ll laugh. And that’s part of the point—not the laughing, necessarily, but finding common ground. And sharing your work with others—it’s a great way to build your self-esteem. Okay, laughing helps everything.

You’ll also get private, one-on-one coaching with me—up to eight half-hour sessions (see below for details*). Use this time however you like. We can work through an edit together, strategize about the overall structure of your work. Or talk with me about any challenges you don’t feel like sharing with the group.

Respect your writing: Finish what you started.

SIX live group webinars (value $8,000)

SIX private 1/2-hour coaching sessions
*Or pay in full and get EIGHT private coaching sessions (value $1,300)

THREE modules from my exclusive “Write This Way” program
I analyze a piece of great writing to show you the choices the writer made.
(value $150)

LIFETIME access to the course material so you can become—and remain—a writer who gets to DONE.
(Priceless—but when you get your work out into the world or land that big
client, let me know how much $$$ it’s worth.)

Sticker price: nearly $10,000.00
Your Special Deal: $4,997

Pay in full and get 2 extra coaching sessions
or use the easy payment plan

Apply Today!

Program begins May 8th

About Elaine Bennett

Yes, it’s me.

It’s not really about me; it’s about you—your voice, your creativity. But, yes, I understand why you want to know more about the lady with the pink streak in her hair who’ll help you get to Done.

I’m an award-winning speechwriter and a writing coach. Enough of a Type-A personality to have worked on Wall Street with some of the smartest and most demanding clients in the world. In fact, one of those clients said:

“You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.” — Warren Buffett

(yes, that Warren Buffett)

I’m also a creative person (see aforementioned pink hair), and one of my favorite things to do is use unexpected flourishes to enliven the usual blah, blah, blah of business writing. Or any writing.

My other favorite thing to do, writing-wise, is finish. When you’re working on deadline for clients, they kind of expect you to. Wouldn’t you like to discover how to finish whatever you start?

I’ve written for a number of business luminaries over the past 25+ years. And I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs and rising business leaders learn how to write for themselves—so their ideas get remembered, so their voices get heard, so they shine as they deserve to. (Yes, it’s okay to end a sentence with a preposition—I promise.)

Commit to yourself. Whether you’re writing to further your career or because you’ve had a passion to tell a story your whole life, let me help you get your writing across the finish line.

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

Work with me in Draft to DONE for 30 days. If you’re not happy with the program, let me know and I’ll refund your money—and send you a $10 Starbucks or iTunes gift card on top of it. That’s right: a more-than-your-money-back promise.