When butt meets chair — the writer’s daily practice

success happens when butt meets chair

One of the writers in my 5-day writing challenge wrapping up tomorrow posted a marvelous piece in our Facebook group. Michelle Monet—self-described “Author. Essayist. Vocalist. Composer. Guitarist. Streisand impersonator.” cat-lover (and, one has to wonder, comma-hater?)—reminds us why the most important moments in a writer’s life happen when butt meets chair. Repeatedly.

When butt meets chair: a discipline, not a hobby

I learned a ton about good writing in school. But as fine as my teachers were, none of them taught me the most important thing about being a writer. Yep, when butt meets chair.

Monet quotes writer Jeff Goins:

The idea is repetition — developing a discipline of showing up, making this a priority, and working through The Resistance.

If you want to get this writing thing down, you need to start writing every day. No questions asked, no exceptions made. After all, this isn’t a hobby we’re talking about; it’s a discipline.”

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