Shorewood Packaging Corporation (Award Winner)



Shorewood Packaging Corporation

1999 Annual Report, “1 Way”

(1999 Galaxy Award Grand Prize from the International Academy of Arts & Sciences)

My Role:
Working with the client and Addison Design, I helped to shape the message and theme of this book, then interviewed the CEO and line-of-business executives to determine the content. The final product married pithy blocks of copy to arresting visuals.

Whomever we serve—manufacturers of software, cosmetics, tobacco, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, or music…

Whatever task we undertake—creating unique structural designs for packaging, developing new technology, ensuring the quality of every job we run…

Wherever in the world we operate…

We do things 1 Way—the Shorewood Way.


To serve our global customer base, we operate 16 plants in the United States, Canada, and China—featuring the most advanced equipment. Digital pre-press technology and a digital network linking our plants together mean that we can run a job in China or in North America, with identical results.


Our proprietary JOSH system produces dramatic results by combining two normally separate processes, gravure and offset lithography, and adding coating, embossing, and die-cutting in one continuous operation.


Professional, enthusiastic, responsive, knowledgeable: We set high standards for Shorewood employees, from our account executives to our plant managers to the people packing finished cartons for shipment.


Whether we’re engineering an entirely new packaging structure, designing unique graphics, or printing—one more time—a job we have had for years, our purpose is the same: to do the kind of quality work that will create and strengthen long-term relationship with our customers.