A nonprofit: Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York



Marketing / Membership Brochure

My Role:
A different kind of nonprofit, the Jewish Women’s Foundation wanted a different kind of membership brochure—inviting and intimate, yet reflecting the very serious work of the organization. Working closely with the design firm (Addison) from the inception of the project, I interviewed members, attended foundation events and crafted a new tag line expressing the foundation’s threefold mission: “Educate. Empower. Endow.”


Fifty women gather in a member’s living room, their attention riveted on the guest speaker: this evening, it’s an activist offering an intimate look at physical and emotional abuse in Jewish families. Other programs feature experts in matrimonial law, research psychology, genetics, gerontology, and children with special needs.

The JWF’s Advocacy & Education Committee sponsors many events during the year to keep members informed about important issues affecting the lives of Jewish women and girls.


A collaborative experience from start to finish, the JWF’s unique grantmaking process involves the entire membership—every member has an equal voice, no matter what her level of giving.

The cycle begins in the spring, when members vote on a funding theme for the coming year. During the autumn and winter, volunteers on the Grants Committee request and evaluate proposals related to the theme, finally voting for those which have the most potential to improve the lives of Jewish women and girls. With the approval of the board and the membership, the JWF makes several grants each spring.


Call it philanthropy, charity, tzedakah…it’s a force that can change the world.

Collecting and leveraging contributions from many like-minded women, the Jewish Women’s Foundation becomes a powerful voice in the effort to improve the lives of Jewish women and girls.

Once a woman makes the minimum contribution to our endowment, she is a member of the JWF for life. As the endowment grows—under the watchful eyes of the Finance Committee —so does the amount of income available for grants.