Are you a skater too?

I used to be a world-class skater.

reviseNot on the ice—I was far too uncoordinated for that. No, I skated on my writing assignments, handing in first drafts all through college.

And I got by. People even called me a good writer. I always translated that secretly as “good enough.” Because I suspected I could do better. But what if I was wrong? Better not to waste the energy trying to revise only to find out that “good enough” was really, truly, the best I could do.

I didn’t begin revising until I became a professional writer. My clients gave me notes about things they wanted to add or change; I incorporated them, and started tweaking another word here, a phrase there. Then reordering paragraphs, changing the structure—revising. And I saw that “good enough” could become “good.” And even “great”—great enough to win awards.

Find your “great”

You know it’s true: second thoughts make a better first impression. Like me, you probably suspect you can do better the second (or even third) time. And you’re right.

So how do you learn the fine art of revision?

First, find yourself some clients. Make sure they’re picky and change their minds frequently. Then spend years chasing their approval as you try to teach yourself what works and avoid what doesn’t.

Or—and maybe this is easier—invest some time with me.

I’ve put together a program to help you discover how to enjoy revising—as your work gets better, right before your eyes.

The 6 Rs of Revision begins with a three-hour interactive webinar on Saturday July 22nd at 12 noon Eastern to ground you in the fundamentals and get you using them. Print out something you’ve written and bring  sharp pencil—I’ll get you revising on the spot. And we’ll also revise published work—yes, even that can sometimes stand a little more polish.

You’ll emerge from the group session much more confident about revising. Then we can start to focus on your work. In three half-hour private coaching sessions* we revise together, tackle specific challenges you’ve identified, practice skills until you’ve got the principles of revision down cold—whatever works for you. Oh, and I record the sessions on videoconference so you can review them as often as you like.

The program delivers more than $2,000 in value. The one-on-one sessions with me are worth more than $550 by themselves.

Your investment is just $497.

*Register by July 15th and I’ll add a 4th private session with me.
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