1947 Revisited — don’t let history repeat itself

We don’t have to imagine what it was like when Adolf Hitler and his goons came to power. The interwebs allow us to time-travel. We can see and hear what our counterparts saw and heard in the immediate aftermath of World War II—and it’s not pretty. Let’s not let history repeat itself.

don't let history repeat itselfThe little film below is called Don’t Be a Sucker. Made in 1947 by the U.S. War Department—not exactly a hotbed of radicalism—it reminds us how easily fascist regimes can take hold.

When we stand together, we’re too strong to beat. So the first order of business is to divide us—by religion, by class. The 21st century iteration adds sexual orientation and gender expression.

For me, the most chilling passage starts at around 9:00, when the narrator says Hitler and Co.

“still had trouble with their most persistent enemy: The truth. The truth does not die easily. And so they decided to abolish truth.”

I hope that sounds prophetic to you—uncomfortably prophetic.

We still have a chance to prevent Twitler from destroying our country. We still have a chance to stop a history repeat. Press play and learn what to watch out for. Share the video as widely as you can. And—please—#Resist.

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