Your journey to confident writing—the core curriculum

I didn’t set out to build a “core curriculum”—that sounds much too academic for my creative soul.

But over the past year of working with my writers, a pattern has emerged. A pattern they articulate very clearly in this video. Have a listen. Or just click on the pretty pictures below and explore the flow of working with me.

So what is this core curriculum, anyway?

We begin a new 90-day writing challenge on the first day of each quarter. Most writers start here with me, testing their wings and building a daily writing practice in a supportive environment. Registration includes a half-hour private session me, a bi-weekly writers’ group, a private Facebook group where you can share your work and receive feedback from me and from your fellow writers. And I’ve created a publication on Medium to collect your best work for a wider audience.

Register for the 90-Day Challenge and Writing Unbound
at the same time and save $150.
(Click here before September 25th for an even better deal.)

In the 12-week Writing Unbound program you revisit the fundamentals of writing and discover some essentials they didn’t teach you in school. The curriculum covers everything from story arcs (yes, you even need them for nonfiction) to how to make your writing memorable. Click on the photo for more details.

The Writing Unbound program also gives you access to a special year-long series of emails I call The Weekly What.

part of my core curriculum

Every week, you get a suggested writing prompt. And every other week, I’ll send you my analysis of a piece of writing—a newspaper or magazine article, a poem, a speech, a podcast. It’s like a backstage pass to see the choices each writer made. (This video gives you a 4-minute sample of a Weekly What discussion.)

The Weekly What is central to the core curriculum. This is how I learned to write—by reading and analyzing great writing—so I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it. After Writing Unbound ends, we’ll move the Weekly What discussions to a separate hour-long call every other week. So even if you choose not to continue with the program—and even after the six months of the program end—you’ll still have an outlet to discuss the analyses.

Did I say “six months”? Yes, after the 12 weeks of Writing Unbound, you may choose to continue in my advanced seminar, Writing Beyond.

Writing Beyond is the course my writers demanded I create. Before they’d even finished Writing Unbound, they knew they wanted more. So I created a 12-week-long program, the equivalent of a graduate seminar—tailored to their needs.

During the 12 weeks of Writing Beyond, you’ll synthesize what you learned in the earlier course and hone your strengths as a writer. We go deep. And we have fun, too.

Ready to begin?

Anyone can register for the 90-Day Writing Challenge, so please join us! Do the challenge on its own, or combine it with Writing Unbound and save $150. (Don’t worry, I’ll offer my Writing Unbound participants a discount for Writing Beyond. But let’s take it one program at a time, shall we?)

If you’re considering Writing Unbound—the next session begins in October 2017—please fill out the application and we’ll set up a time to chat. The program is not for everyone. But it just might be for you.

Actually, do yourself a favor and fill out the application even if you think you’re 100% not going to do the program. I’ve designed the questions to help you discover some truths about yourself and writing.

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