Zeitgeist Cupcakes

If I owned a bakery, that’s what it would be called. I’m a cupcake fiend—mostly because they’re the most efficient way to consume buttercream frosting.

For my last milestone birthday, we imported cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village (imported, that is, to my ancestral homeland west of the Hudson River). That was before the amazing bakery opened in my hometown peddling its own, lavishly frosted cupcakes.

I’ve been in Connecticut for my last few birthdays, and even the shops that say they use buttercream must be speaking metaphorically. It’s sad.

Why have cupcakes captured the zeitgeist in the last few years? I love them because they’re little and they come in pretty colors. But let’s ask an expert from the world of academia:

According to Dr. Jean Retzinger, a baker-turned-media studies professor at Berkley, “cupcakes were an edible, easily obtainable icon of modern womanhood.”

I guess “they’re little and they come in pretty colors” won’t get you tenure.

I get cupcakes today. And tomorrow, too. It’s a good day.