Unexpected Flash of Typo

So here’s the thing about being a writer: When you write stuff, people expect it’s going to be good. That, you know, you’ll follow the basic rules of grammar (unless you have a good reason not to). That you’ll—what’s the word?—proofread.

So I dashed off an Unexpected Flash of Brilliance last week, because I couldn’t wait to tell my tribe about Malcolm Gladwell’s brilliant podcast, Revisionist History. But I was in a rush—I’ve been working 10- and 12-hour days to get a big project done for a client. So I didn’t proofread…until after the email went to my entire list and I saw the words “a unexpected.” [THUD!]

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.49.09 PM

My favorite coach, Sam Bennett—we’re not related as far as we know but she’s brilliant and talented so I’ve claimed her as my secret cousin—Sam says not to obsess about getting an “A.” She says it’s enough to get your work out there, even if you only get a C. As I said, Sam is brilliant so she must be right. And “a unexpected” aside, the rest of the email surely merits at least a B+.

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One thought on “Unexpected Flash of Typo

  1. Sam Bennett

    Hooray for getting a “c”!! Way to go, Secret Cuz : ) And while I am always embarrassed by my own typos, part of me just loves it when people write me back to correct me. I mean, at least they are 1) reading it and 2) care enough to respond, right?

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