Traveling home—song for a Sunday

traveling...and coming home
Not my home, not that I’d mind…

I had a friend once who traveled extensively for work. I’m talking traveling. So much traveling that on one day she passed through Newark Airport twice—heading to city A in the morning, city B in the afternoon. Midway through the afternoon flight, she turned to the startled lady sitting next to her and said, “Excuse me, can you tell me where this plane is going?”

I once did a one-day round-trip from New York to Florida, but travel has never been a big part of my work. So when I do get away, I usually enjoy it. I experienced many wonderful things on this trip I just wrapped up. But it took me away from home for 10 nights, so there’s only one song on my mind today.

You may know the song “Home” from Bonnie Raitt’s recording. But Karla Bonoff wrote the song—and many other songs people mistake for the work of the artists who made them famous. Linda Ronstadt had several hits with Bonoff songs—including “Someone to Lay Down Beside Me,” “Lose Again,” and the Grammy award-winning “All My Life.”

Bonoff recorded as a solo artist and with bands, but she has remained under the radar to most of the music-listening public. I’m happy to do my small part to change that today

So enjoy Karla Bonoff singing about her sweet home and I’m going to stop writing for now and enjoy living in mine.

One thought on “Traveling home—song for a Sunday

  1. Harold

    I once spent 30 hours in Brazil.
    Also, not 100% sure but think I saw Karla Bonoff as an opening act for Harry Chapin in late 70’s.

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