The more things change…

Memorial Day 2002, about a decade into my freelance career. Apparently I had trouble unplugging.

Paradise Post

I’m on vacation this week. Vacation, in the world of the freelancer, means doing about the same amount of work that you’d normally do, but with a nicer view.

And so it is with me. I’ve got the scut work, the writing work, and the volunteer work, which I volunteered to do this week because, after all, I’d be on vacation. (Will I ever learn?) In between, I hope to find some time to be creative—and my dog hopes I’ll find some time to walk her.

Meanwhile there’s a lovely breeze…spreading the pollen around. And did I mention the nice view?

Here’s wishing you the same.

The good news is I have learned.

Not working this weekend…not after today, anyway. That means two days off with the spousal unit: different spouse, different dog, same view. Happy official start of summer, everyone.