How is a TEDx Talk like swimming?

It’s all in how you approach it.

person with feet in the water
Do you tiptoe up to the edge of the sand…
place one toe cautiously in the cold ocean, then five or ten minutes later wade in up to your shins? It can take a while to get your whole body immersed, if that’s your goal—but by the time you do you’ll be very used to the environment.

person triumphant between the sea and skyOr do you run into the sea…even on a freezing New Year’s Day because you relish the adventure? Those Polar Bear Plunges can be fun, I’m told. You don’t do it alone, for one thing—you’re with a bunch of people all reaching for the same goal. Accountability and teamwork don’t make the water any warmer, but they do make it easier to dive in.

How is a TEDx Talk better than swimming?

Spread a message far beyond your own network. The first 16,500 TEDx Talks received 42 million views on TEDx YouTube page. The 168 that were elevated to the platform received a total of 80 million views—and that’s only through 2012!

Enhance your professional standing. Brené Brown was a local academic in 2010 when her talk at TEDxHouston on “The Power of Vulnerability” went viral. Ten years later, it’s garnered nearly 50 million views on and Brown has written five New York Times bestsellers.

In more than 100,000 TEDx Talks (through October 2017), not one speaker has been attacked by a live shark onstage. Also, you don’t have to wear a bathing suit.

Those are just a few reasons you might want to do a TEDx Talk. Now, let’s think about how.

Find the TEDx program that fits your style.

Elaine Bennett has spent decades as an award-winning speechwriter; Marie Incontrera is an expert at content development and positioning. Between the two of us, we’ve experienced TEDx from every angle—from backstage to onstage.

We know what it takes to find the self-confidence and the message you need to shine. And we’ve created two programs to help you do just that.

If you’re a slow-wader like Elaine, The TEDx Happy Hour will get you acclimated to the idea that you—yes, you—have an “idea worth spreading,” as the TED folks put it. We’ll help you shape that idea and even create its own elevator speech, so you’ll be ready to pitch to TEDx events.

If you’re a daredevil cold-water plunger like Marie, you’re probably going to want our TEDxCellenceMastermind—an intensive program that takes place over two weekends and ends with a draft of your talk and completed pitch materials firmly in hand, ready to go. (Full disclosure: Marie has not actually done a Polar Bear Plunge, but she used to be a roller-derby skater, which requires at least as much chutzpah.) Click on the link above to read more about our mastery program.

Okay, waders—here’s what we’ve put together for you:


We understand:

  • Speaking on a subject you’re passionate about can be lots of fun.
  • Doing something you’ve never done before can be intimidating.
  • And how do you get started, anyway?

So we created a program that will let you lean into the fun part of a TEDx Talk in a safe, supportive environment.

If you’ve got an idea for a talk you want to give once the world opens up again, now’s the time to start developing it. Live events may be at a standstill, but many organizers are pivoting to virtual events—you still get a video of your speech with the TEDx logo, but without even leaving your house. You can even deliver the speech barefoot, if you like.

And of course organizers are still planning future live TEDx events. There’s never been a been a better time to be working on your TEDx idea.

Four weeks to wade in

Session 1: Mindset. Do you wonder if you really belong on a TEDx stage? Let us show you that you belong any-damn-where you please. Your story is unique and it deserves to be told. This week’s work will support you whatever you do, on or offstage.

Session 2: Ideas. Marie will lead this session, showing you how to narrow your ideas to a TEDx–appropriate focus.

Session 3: Story. Elaine demonstrates how her Story Safari™ technique can help you find the stories that only you can tell.

Session 4: Elevator Pitch. We’ll show you how to boil your TEDx-worthy idea into a concise, powerful description that you can use when you decide to pitch to TEDx events.

Plus, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to brainstorm your ideas and get additional support and feedback.

Look at all you’ll accomplish!

  • boost your self-confidence
  • begin to articulate your TEDx idea
  • become more adept at finding ideas
  • discover how to give a talk that only you can give
  • get feedback on your idea
  • exercise your mind in new ways

Working with us both on these skills would normally start at $2,500. the investment for the TEDx Happy Hour is a fraction of that—just $497.

Register today—we kick off on July 23rd at 5:30 PM EST.

Yes! Sign me up for the TEDx Happy Hour!