Take me to the world — a song for a Sunday

I wasn’t sure what song I would give you this Sunday. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d manage to get my daily 15 minutes of writing in yesterday at all—which was freaking me out, since yesterday would be Day 348. I spent the first two-thirds of the day running around—rehearsal, errands—definitely off my routine. So when I popped in at midday to get the dog, I posted notes all around the house that said


Once upon a time, I could handle this frenetic tempo easily; I lived it pretty much seven days a week. But I’ve been hibernating for the last six months, so I’ve gotten used to a much slower pace.

I don’t know how bears feel when they emerge from hibernation—though I bet I have a friend who could tell me—but this mama bear is disoriented and slightly grumpy. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to rejoin the human race. But that appears to be what’s happening: I’ve only had one uninterrupted night at home this week and I’m typing this in between coats of nail polish as I prepare to gussy myself up for a gala tonight.

Song for a Sunday: Take me to the world
By ABC Television – Public Domain

And so there’s really only one song I could bring you on this spring Sunday: Stephen Sondheim’s “Take Me to the World.” He wrote it for his little-known made-for-TV musical Evening Primrose, about a strange group of people who have decided to live in a department store.

And here you thought Sweeney Todd was the most bizarre thing Sondheim ever wrote.

Your song this Sunday

The ingénue, played by a luminous young Charmian Carr, sings about her longing to explore the world outside the walls of the department store. Anthony Perkins tries to convince her she’s better off staying put. Of course, I’ve got both Charmian and Tony vying for my attention today. Even though I’ve chosen to do everything I’m doing, my emergence still feels too sudden and irrevocable.

I’m embedding a clip from the original TV movie for those of you who prefer visuals, but you’ll find far more glorious singing on the 2004 studio album with Neil Patrick Harris and Theresa McCarthy, who deserves to be much better known. So if you care more about sound, definitely click the link above.

And enjoy your world this Sunday.