One of my neighbors on WordPress alerted me to a thing called the “Happiness tag.” 

The deal is, I write about some things that make me happy and then tag fellow bloggers to do the same. Seems like a worthy endeavor, so here goes:

    1. Happiness is…five kinds of crayons

2. Happiness is…having interesting work to do (even if you have to work through the Wimbledon finals).

3. Happiness is…a decent pizza place just five minutes away.

4. Happiness is…practicing “15 minutes of creativity” every single day. Yes, even when you have to work through the Wimbledon finals.

5. Happiness is…connecting so deeply with a group of friends that you don’t need to see them for years, and then getting to spend real time reconnecting with them all over again.

6. Happiness is…Cape Cod Bay in the late-fall sunshine.

7. Happiness is…knitting on the sofa with the pooch and the spousal unit.

And how could I forget?

8. Happiness is…Stephen Sondheim

Okay, your turn. What makes you happy?