Prescription: Two days’ rest

Done with my ten-day traipse around the midwest, I finally saw the doctor yesterday: She ordered me to stay bed for two days. Two days’ rest? Is she high?

No, but I’ll tell you what else she isn’t: an entrepreneur.

Or, Fenway gently reminds me, a dog-mom.

Well, clearly something has to give. I showed up for all my appointments an hour early yesterday. Well, the first appointment, a phone call, got canceled.

But I showed up in person for the second one and set a lot of heads scratching.

“I’m here for my eleven-thirty!” I smiled my chipperest, no-way-I’m-feeling-poorly smile.

two days' rest
Do I look like I need two days’ rest? (Rhetorical question.)

“But we don’t have you down until twelve-thirty.” And the 11:30 energy drained in a flash. When I returned hour later, the first thing they did was put a face mask on me.

ProTip: When changing time zones, make sure your calendar has reoriented itself to your destination time before making note of the day’s appointments.

Still, if you’re going to make that mistake, eastbound is the direction you want to make it in. I once had a client with a 5pm flight out of JFK linger surprisingly long in our afternoon meeting. He’d decided to keep his watch set on west-coast time, but then went ahead and read it as if it were New York time. Of course, a cell phone would have automatically updated—unless you kept it on airplane mode, where I discovered my iPad just now more than 24 hours after we left the airport.

Yes, yes. Two days’ rest. Fenway will understand…but will my clients?

Well, maybe one really good day’s rest will do. On East Coast time.

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TODAY is Sunday. Time-travel and the entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I love being location-independent, as long as I stay properly oriented to time and place. I hope I didn’t disorient too many of my readers when you woke up to yesterday’s blog, one of my regular “Song for a Sunday” series.

As I sat down to write this I realized that TODAY is Sunday, which must mean yesterday was some other day. Saturday? I understand that’s the way those things usually go.

How could I make such an egregious error? Let’s blame:

a) the three-day conference I was at that started on Thursday. Even the conference leader kept referring to its final day as Sunday.


b) the cold and flu that knocked me flat for the—well, I was going to say “the better part of the week,” but believe me there was nothing “better” about it.

Entrepreneur-ing While Sick

entrepreneur-ing while sickEntrepreneur-ing While Sick is like the IronMan of Entrepreneuring. So where the eff is my gold medal?

I suppose it could have been worse: I’d pre-written most of my blog posts, so I wasn’t required to write cogently until late in the week. But I couldn’t think cogently, either, and that was truly annoying.

I cancelled a one-on-one coaching because I was afraid I’d turn my writer’s lovely piece into word salad. But I had to interview someone for one of my corporate clients—haven’t re-read my notes yet; they should be interesting.

And I managed to lead a Weekly What discussion group on Monday, if you use “lead” in the loosest possible sense. At one point my brain got as stopped-up as my bronchial tubes; one of my writers had to supply the word I was searching for, sliding in a gently whispered: “adjectives.”

Adjectives! What, I ask you, is a writer who forgets adjectives? Well, I don’t know about “forgets,” but James Baldwin managed to craft some mighty descriptive paragraphs with only one adjective or adverb per 100 words or so. That’s genius.

“Genius” was not my problem on Monday. Nor Tuesday. Nor Wednesday, nor…you get the drift. I did manage some insights at the conference the night before last. Which I now understand was Friday.

I’m grateful to be on the mend now. And grateful to have patient and understanding clients—every entrepreneur should be so blessed. And now I have something else to be grateful for:

It’s Sunday.

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