Seth Godin is a Brilliant Man

I have read several books either written or edited by Seth Godin, but I only recently discovered his blog.  It’s fast become one of the first emails I open in the morning.

A few days ago, Godin blogged about the business variant of my mother’s old admonition, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.”  His contention – with which I am in violent agreement – is, “If you can’t say something, don’t say anything.”

I still remember the time I interviewed the CEO of an investment fund that hired me to write a marketing brochure.  “What’s different about your fund?” I asked him.

“We are value investors and liquidate our positions at a premium.”  He paused to let the majesty of this statement sink in.

“Oh,” I responded.  “Buy low-sell high.”

I loved watching his face crumble.  And a few questions later, he finally abandoned the b.s. and gave me something real.