Revise & shine

Are you tired of reading pieces that bury the point so deeply
you suspect a shovel would help more
than a highlighter pen?

Do you secretly wonder if people feel the same way
about the stuff YOU write?

Do you feel that way about your writing?

Seriously—do you?

A recent Harvard Business Review article noted that employees in the U.S. spend an average of 25.5 hours each week reading. And muddy, unclear writing—the kind we all hate—is a major driver of that colossal time-suck.

You have the power to change that, at least in your little corner of the business world. And I can help.

Discover great writing: Revise

As that great business philosopher Ernest Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.”

Second drafts are often better. But getting to that second draft can be challenging.

First you have to hack through your own ego and uncertainty—when it’s much easier just to decide you’re a bad writer and stop right there.

But let’s say you fight through your fear and decide to revise. Now what?

  • How do you make the main points crystal clear?
  • What words and phrases should you cut?
  • How can you tighten up the flow?
  • How well do you address the readers’ needs?
  • And how can you do all of that swiftly and decisively, so you don’t spend the whole day sweating over one paragraph?

You’re going to have times when you highlight a phrase to delete it and the little voice inside your head screams, “Not that sentence. I love that sentence!”

Experienced writers talk about revision as “killing your darlings,” but I have a nonviolent solution that works much better.

In fact, I have a whole host of tips to share with you.

The 6 Rs of Revision

The 6Rs of Revision begins with a three-hour, interactive group webinar where you’ll discover those revision tips, hone your revision skills, and develop a mindset that makes revision faster and easier.

Bring some of your own writing—printed out (yes, on paper!) to work on in class. You won’t have to share it if you don’t want to. We’ll also revise excerpts of published writing that I think could stand some improvement. That’s an ego boost for sure, seeing that even published writing can be less than perfect. And I’ve got more fun exercises up my sleeve. I’ll record the session so you can listen to it as many times as you like.

Then you and I will focus on your work in three half-hour-long private consultations conducted via Zoom video-conference. We’ll schedule those sessions at your convenience, anytime before September 30, 2017. And, yes, I’ll record those, too.

What will we do?

  • I can talk you through how I would revise your piece.
  • We can work through a revision together, with you taking the lead.
  • We can review skills and techniques, to get you revising faster and with more confidence
  • We can talk about the emotional challenges of writing and revising
  • Or use the time for anything else that supports your work

How can The 6Rs of Revision help me?

Maybe you feel like you’d be in a better position at work if you could express your ideas memorably. Companies expect their leaders to be great communicators. Do people think of you that way?

Maybe you’re in the nonprofit sector and your organization’s survival literally depends on how you tell its story. How effectively are you doing that?

Maybe you’re in business for yourself. We entrepreneurs are the board of directors, the marketing department, the sales staff, the web team. Do you let fear push revision to the bottom of the to-do list?

I can help you discover the great communications buried inside your first drafts. So the world can discover the great communicator inside you.

The Bottom Line

Great revision can revise your life, perhaps helping you to:

  • get that promotion you’ve been eyeing
  • land a new client or donor
  • see the idea you’ve been working on finally getting approved

Only you know what those things are worth. But I know what my time is worth. A live, three-hour webinar plus 90 minutes of private consultations—I could easily charge more than $2,000 for this program. Hey, the consultations alone are worth more than $550.

So is this program going to cost you $2,000.00? Nope. Not even $1,000. Because I’m serious about getting more great writing into the world…

your investment is just $497
(that’s more than 75% off)

The 6Rs of Revision interactive webinar starts promptly at noon Eastern time on Saturday July 22nd.

Reserve your spot today.