Perfect Pitch — Learn to love the Ask

Perfect Pitch - learn to love the Ask

a custom-tailored program for your nonprofit

Help your board members and donors make “The Ask” more authentic,
effective—and more enjoyable.
– or –
Offer younger donors a way to build their asking skills.

A 90-minute presentation custom-tailored specifically for your organization, Perfect Pitch helps turn the Ask from a “have to do” into a “want to do.” Strengthen your donors’ connection to your organization and help them rediscover how your mission feeds their own passions.

A wise investment in donor development

Making the Ask more authentic and enjoyable means your fund-raisers will ask more frequently—maybe even with more success.

The techniques I teach in the Perfect Pitch webinar derive from my fresh approach to the “elevator pitch.” Everyone needs one; few people enjoy theirs. Invest in helping donors develop this fundamental skill and they won’t forget you. The Perfect Pitch webinar is a great way to give back to the people who give so much to you.

I can target the material to board members and major donors or to your younger cohort. Whichever audience you choose, participants will emerge with a pitch that feels natural for them. And we’ll use your strategic language and stories to craft them.

What’s that? You don’t have strategic language and stories? I can help you find the stories and develop the language, through an in-person or virtual workshop with your key staff. Contact me and we’ll put together a package based on your needs.

“Elaine BJoan Garry, leading nonprofit blogger and consultant praises the Perfect Pitch webinarennett is not just a gifted speechwriter—she’s easily one of the best communicators I’ve ever met. Her interview on my Nonprofits Are Messy podcast is a master class in how to write and give a speech worth listening to.

Now she’s created a program to help nonprofit boards and donors make their ‘asks’ more memorable and effective. It’s a no-brainer: Take her up on this offer!Joan Garry, leading nonprofit blogger and consultant