“Miss Elaine” – respect or reflex

I’ve been in Texas this week, well, in a hotel. Well, no, in a hotel room—I’ve been ill. It has not been the trip I expected it to be. But the few times I’ve interacted with the natives, I’m always shocked when they call me “Miss Elaine.”

It’s a Southernism, I guess, or a Southwesternism. A sign of respect.

Another time, I might not have even noticed it. But respect seems in short supply in our country these days. This week, the administration announced that it’s ending the DACA “Dreamers” program—gearing up to deport nearly a million young people who’ve lived exemplary lives in this country, the only home they’ve ever known.

I’ll tell you what—I’d be happy to live in a world with less reflexive “respect” and more actual respect.

Sorry, that’s all you get for today. I’m still under the weather. But BTW, yesterday:

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