Match audience and expectations: a Sunday song

How well does your content match audience and expectations?

I don’t know the specifics of your answer (my crystal ball is in the shop), but even if you’ve never thought about the concept, I’m guessing you do a better job than the folks who made this video.

Let’s listen in on the pitch meeting:

Director: So we’ve got Debbie Reynolds, see, and we put her in sparkles and high heels on a glitzy set. She’ll look like the Queen of Hollywood.
Producer: I like it, I like it!
Director: And we’ll get a bunch of backup dancers—real lookers—in suits and cocktail dresses. The kind with skirts that twirl so you can see some leg.
Producer: Now you’re talking!
Director: But we’ll need a full orchestra. Can you put that in the budget?
Producer: For Debbie, Queen of Hollywood—anything you want. But what’s she singing?

And that, my friends, is where they lose me.

What possible intersection could there be between fans of perky, wholesome Debbie Reynolds and fans of a Civil Rights era protest song whose co-match audience and materialwriter, Pete Seeger, premiered it at a Communist Party fund-raiser?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I grew up on those folks songs. And I’ve loved the late Debbie Reynolds since I saw Singin’ in the Rain at an art house when I was 16. So I love both elements of this production—but for the love of God, not together!

Enjoy this little bit of surrealism to start your 2017. I have a feeling there’ll be more to come.