Identity & discovery — song for a Sunday

identity and discovery in Fun HomeHere’s a public service announcement: the national tour of Fun Home is touching down in Boston later this month. Prepare to laugh, and cry. Some people will cry buckets. I did—both times I saw the show in New York. Because Fun Home is about identity and discovery. And seeing a lesbian discover and claim her identity in a mainstream Broadway musical…well, I never dreamed of that. Not in my lifetime.

Fortunately, Tony Award-winning writers Lisa Kron (book & lyrics) and Jeanine Tesori (music) did dream it. And MacArthur “genius” grant-winner Alison Bechdel lived it—and wrote the graphic memoir the show brings to life. To be clear that’s “graphic” in the sense that it’s what some people might call a “comic book.” And while there are laughs in Fun Home, it’s not anyone’s idea of comic.

So here’s your song for this Sunday, as performed by Tony nominee Sydney Lucas at the 2015 Tony Awards: “Young Alison” beginning to discover her identity. And there’s a lot more where this came from. See the show if you haven’t. It will open your eyes—when they’re not brimming with tears.