Haste makes waste: Running for the exit

Darn it, my mother was right: “Haste makes waste.”

Apologies to my subscribers, who received two blog posts yesterday. I have a discipline of writing for at least 15 minutes every morning; it’s usually one of the first things I do, and it usually involves at least beginning a blog post. Yesterday morning, my discipline of writing ran up against the spousal unit’s desire to begin our long weekend. So I wrote fast and clicked triumphantly on the Save button. Only it wasn’t the Save button, it was the Publish button.

Much cursing ensued. But the deed was done—I knew the efficient gods of the internet had already dispatched the post, not just to my subscribers, but to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. No turning back now.

So I apologize for not looking before I clicked, and for hitting your in-boxes twice in one day. But I do hope you enjoyed the post, and the lovely clip from Monsters Inc.

And now back to the long weekend.