Mr. Goldstone — Showtune for a Sunday

I don’t know about you, but the news this week has me humming a showtune.

That is, in between fretting about the validity of the 2016 election, whether North Korea will nuke Alaska while I’m on my west coast trip, and how my business will fare if the Republicans in Congress nuke net neutrality. I guess I’ll have to write shorter blogs—not that anyone will be around to read them if the “healthcare” bill ends up killing us all.

“Have an eggroll, Mr. Goldstone.” Or perhaps he’d prefer a blini. (Photo from Facebook)

When you think about all of that, humming a showtune seems like the only sane thing to do. That, and call your legislators.

If you’re anything like me (and if you are, I’m not sure whether to offer congratulations or condolences), there’s only one showtune running through your head this week.

I regret that I couldn’t find a non-pirated video clip for you, since the stage business that accompanies this gem enhances the lyrics immeasurably. But enjoy the lyrics, courtesy of Stephen Sondheim; Jule Styne’s music; and the performance of the incomparable Ethel Merman on the original cast album of Gypsy.