For anyone who has clients…

And especially for anyone who’s had a friend expect them to use their professional skills for free.

Now I know some readers don’t bother to click on links (I’m lookin’ at you, beloved spouse) so I will summarize—but in this case, pictures really are worth a whole bunch of words. The link leads to a satirical string of emails between David Thorne and a putative coworker who asks him to whip up a poster of her missing cat. Apparently the coworker is too distraught to type up the details on a plain piece of paper and stick a photo of the feline on it.

David uses his design powers to give his non-paying client exactly what she asks for. And hilarity ensues.

I found this post a while back on David’s blog, 27B/6, but I just discovered it’s been published in a New York Times best-selling book, The Internet is a Playground. In fact, that’s just the first of his many best-selling books (why did I never notice?). Excuse me, I think I just found my summer reading list.