When is it okay to fire the person investigating you? — Frequent Questions

Q: When is it okay to fire the person investigating you?
A: Whenever you’re ready to be impeached.

I try—I really try—to confine the politics to Friday. And I know today is not Friday. Full disclosure—since we try to be transparent here at Bennett Ink—it’s not even Wednesday for another 85 minutes. But Wednesday’s blog is the feature I think of as “WTF? Wednesday”: Frequent Questions. Which explains the question in big type above.

Why don’t I call it “Frequently Asked Questions,” like everyone else on the interwebs? I addressed that in the very first Frequent Questions post. And if we’re being perfectly honest here, nobody has actually ever asked why we spell FAQ without the vowel around here.

See? I answer both the questions you ask and those I know you wish you’d asked. And sometimes, like Steve Jobs, I invent things you didn’t even know you wanted.

Case in point: Nobody asked the question I’m addressing today. The person who should ask that question has less capacity for self-reflection than a goldfish. But, really…

investigating can get complex

Don’t like the investigating? Don’t call attention to it.

Ask any kid who grew up during Watergate: even those who were toddlers back then learned that the cover-up is always worse than the crime. Although he’s much older than me, I guess the man in the White House wasn’t paying attention to that particular civics lesson. Here’s hoping he’s forced to learn it now.

What’s a more blatant indication of guilt than firing the person investigating your cronies—and, very possibly, you too? The sensible thing to do would be to fire yourself—to resign, as Nixon did. Only much, much earlier than Nixon did. And I can’t believe I’m writing this, but while Nixon may have been a crook at least he was a proud American. He didn’t sell out our democracy to curry favor with a hostile state. Of course, it’s entirely possible Trump didn’t do that either, but it sure seems like someone in his orbit did.

I have no answers about what’s going on in my suddenly fragile country. Only more questions, every damn day. I pray there are honest people left in the judiciary and the rest of the legal system who can answer them properly before the useful idiot in the White House gets us all nuked.