“Every damn day.” Creativity from the Bennett Ink writing challenges

How often should you write? If you want to become a good writer, there’s only one answer: Every damn day.

And once you’ve achieved mastery? How often do you have to keep writing then? Ah. When you’re really good and happy with what you’re producing, well then you only need to write

every damn day.

If all goes well, in a few days I’ll be celebrating a full year of writing “every damn day.” I see a fine steak dinner in my future that night. It hasn’t been easy. But it’s important.

The daily writing challenges I’ve run since late December have launched a few other daily streaks. But just a few—out of dozens of participants. And now we’re into the third week of a 90-Day Challenge, with more than 87% of the writers still going strong.

But writing is only part of the process. At some point you need to nudge your work out of the nest and see if it will fly. I’ve encouraged a few of my writers to publish their work—on Medium if they don’t have a blog of their own. And to make that easier, I’ve created a room of our own, as it were. A Medium “publication” so we can share some of the amazingly creative work the challengers are producing.

What’s the publication called? What else could I call it but

Every damn day.

Cruise on over to Medium and follow us. They’re writing every damn day; I’ll publish when we’ve got something wonderful to share. Which, judging from the work I’ve seen in the 3.25 challenges I’ve run so far, should be often.

Write better when you write more often. My next 5-day writing challenge starts June 19th. Write for 15 minutes a day and I’ll donate your $15 registration fee to a global literacy nonprofit. More info and registration link here.