Content Creation – It’s not just writing anymore

In the real world, I’m a writer; that’s what I tell my clients, that’s what I put on my tax returns. But here on the interwebs, I’m gradually coming to understand, my job is not writing. It’s “content creation.”

I resist the term, because it sounds so fake. Content creation is to writing as Velveeta is to cheese. Or that’s what I’ve always thought.

But I just found a recipe for homemade “Velveeta”—so anything is possible. (And I can make my favorite comfort food spinach casserole without using mystery chemicals. I’m inordinately excited about this.)

Just blend some cheddar cheese with powdered milk, a packet of gelatin, and some boiling water—all ingredients I can pronounce. Maybe “created content” can be just as intellectually nutritious: take a blog post, mix vigorously with video technology or an image-making app like Stencil—and, snap!—You’ve Got Content.

Thanks for the great content creation

Here I should pause to thank Anna Bernstein, who’s been taking my blog posts and turning them into social media-sharable images for several months now. Anna’s a writer herself, so I know my “content” is in good hands.

Here are four of my favorite images she’s created, taking the essence of each blog post and marrying it with an arresting (public domain) image:

Content creation can make people laugh

Content creation can make people think

Content creation can be confrontational

Content creation can be fun

As we roll into the new year, I may be turning some blogs into videos. And perhaps even exploring other media. Hey—if you can turn real food into “Velveeta,” anything is possible.

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2 thoughts on “Content Creation – It’s not just writing anymore

  1. Marie

    Great images for your writing. I’m so glad you said something about this $()%#% notion of content creation. I’ve found myself feeling obliged to use this phrase, when writing is what I want to do and talk about.

  2. Elaine Bennett

    Truthfully, “content” IS more than just writing. And maybe it’s easier for some people to think of themselves as “creating content” rather than just “writing.” But to me it feels like it’s turning what I do into a commodity when it’s really a craft. Feel free to talk about writing all you want! The world needs more good writers.

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