What my clients say

I’ve always said my favorite clients are people who know great writing when they see it, but are too busy to do it themselves.

What do clients say about me? Read on.

“You have a terrific ear and you turn
straight thinking into straight writing.”
—Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett and Elaine Bennett at Salomon Brothers

“Elaine is a brilliant idea person who looks at problems from all angles. With her innate ability and her broad experience in speech writing, she can present any topic in a clear and appealing manner.”

—Janet Lazar, Attorney

joangarry“Elaine Bennett is not just a gifted speechwriter—she’s easily one of the best communicators I’ve ever met. Her interview on my Nonprofits Are Messy podcast is a master class in how to write and give a speech worth listening to.”

Joan Garry, leading nonprofit blogger and consultant

“I am happy to recommend Elaine’s speechwriting. She did a couple of speech drafts for Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign in 2004 and also helped smooth out other people’s drafts. I was very impressed with her writing, editing and quick grasp of the substance of the material.”

—Jeremy Ben-Ami, former Policy Director, Dean for America

“In a world marked by tortured language and episodic thinking, Elaine brought bright and powerful language, a sense of humor, clear lines of argument, and poetic touch. In short, she was top of the line and her clients appreciated it! She is so bright and well read, learns quickly, and continues to bring enthusiasm to her work. I will continue to recommend her when a communication
challenge arises.”

—Leo Corbett, Operating Executive and Board Member

“I have known Elaine for many years ­ as an opinion editor, ghostwriter for speeches, essayist and copywriter.  When I was struggling with turning my doctoral dissertation on an obscure subject (with more than a thousand footnotes in multiple languages) into a monograph I could send to a commercial publisher, I naturally turned to Elaine for help in communicating my ideas to a broader public.

Elaine is excellent at cutting excess verbiage, focusing an argument, choosing proper grammar and diction, and adding pep—all while keeping an author’s individual voice. She also has a good sense of humor and clearly connects with the reader. She doesn’t insist on her own interpretations and phrasing, but works to bring out the best in others’ work.  She is easy to work with, encouraging and helpful, careful to clarify and ask if there seems to be any confusion, and able to convey complex ideas in a clear and compelling way.”

—E.M. Rose, Ph.D.

“Elaine is a top-notch financial writer who has worked with my team on a variety of projects, including client communications, executive remarks, ghostwritten articles, sales kits and presentations. What’s more, she frequently serves as a strategist, helping us explore and develop messages.”

—Michelle Generous, Marketing Planning Director, ProShares,
who worked with Elaine at Bear Stearns

“Elaine is an extremely talented writer. She is able to craft messages that are both eloquent and succinct. You can count on Elaine’s work to be informed by excellent research—she is meticulous—and her drafts are superior to most people’s final product. I always felt confident going to my clients
with Elaine’s work.”

— Jane Pook, Chief Digital Communications Officer, NYC Dept. of Education

“Elaine is adept at creating thoughtful, entertaining content, and is just as creative when designing and delivering training. She helped a large and diverse communications team think differently about how they write material to be published online or delivered by executives in person. Elaine brings together the best of ‘old school’ (discipline, research, imagination) with a fun, approachable delivery that works for today’s audiences.”

— Claire England, formerly of Deloitte

“Elaine brings an unparalleled level of expertise to diverse marketing copy/editing challenges—and delivers on-time, on-point results! I have enjoyed working with Elaine for many years, and know her to be a highly effective speechwriter for everyone from the cubicle to the C-suite.”

– Vicki French, Brand Strategist