90 days, nearly $900: A tale of five writers

90 days!

Eight writers, 90 days: the first Bennett Ink 90-Day Writing Challenge wrapped up yesterday with five writers finishing their commitment. That’s a completion rate of 62.5% if you keep track of those things. Now, it’s not the 80%+ completion rate of my June 5×15 Writing Challenge. But then 90 days is 18 times longer than 5 days. That’s a lot longer, as my writers will no doubt tell you.

Four of challengers wrote every day for the entire 90 days, earning $150 apiece for their designated charities. One of the nonprofits matched contributions made yesterday, so that writer doubled her impact.

Another writer, who joined the challenge a week late, decided to write only on weekdays. She earned $10 for every completed week, a total of $120. That’s $870, if you’re keeping score.

Of course, none of them was in it for the money. But it did provide a nice incentive to keep their streaks going all the way to the finish line. The support they received from fellow writers also helped. Our Facebook Group became like a pit crew, or one of the rest stops on my friend Marcia’s 500-mile bike ride. Pop in feeling burned out—or at least lightly fried—and leave with a handful of “been there/done that” stories and “you can do it!” posts to boost your confidence.

90 Days of Surprises

They say it takes three weeks to build a habit. What can you build in 13 weeks? My writers were amazed at the answers they uncovered.

More than one writer discovered a poet lurking inside of her, just waiting for the opportunity to speak. Writers unearthed true stories from their long-ago past, and created fantasies about what their future might hold.

In our celebration wrap-up yesterday one said:

“The richness of the experience surprised me. Everyone was willing to move out of her comfort zone.”

Another said:

“Something happened for each of us.”

Something—I’m paraphrasing here—that only happened because they wrote.

What can happen for you? Wanna find out? The next 90-Day Challenge starts today…but we’ll accept anyone who enrolls before July 4th.

Sharpen your pencils; blow the cat hair out of your keyboards. The 90-Day Challenge: It’s time for you to write.