March 2018

I began this month with a free 5-day “adventure” in finding and crafting stories, called Anchor Your Ideas. People found it so much fun and so useful that I’m repeating it on March 17th as a one-day program. Same content: short videos and writing exercises, capped by a writers’ group-ish webinar at the end of the day. Register here.

I’ll be opening my critical reading program, The Weekly What, to new participants every month. Yes, it’s a stupid name; but the content is plenty smart—a year’s worth of analyses of great pieces of writing, delivered to your in-box every other week. And a monthly live web meeting with people who are every bit as smart as you are, to discuss what you’ve read.

That’s what’s going on from my “do-it-yourself” programs. On the done-for-you side, I’m writing a book proposal—and, if all goes as expected, a book. As well as the usual complement of speeches and op-eds. Hit the contact form if you’d like to talk about a writing project.

And looking forward to the start of baseball season—ludicrously early, but I think we can all use the distraction.

I’ll update this page as things change. And thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea of the “Now” Page.

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