April 2017

Only three more weeks left in my Writing Unbound 12-week program. The participants are all engaged and challenged, feeling more empowered to write—and write badly, if that’s what happens on the road to writing well. I’m supplementing the course with a yearlong series of emails featuring writing prompts and (every other week) an analysis of great public writing. To keep the material fresh, I’m writing the analyses as we go, a giant commitment to myself and my learners.

This week, I launched another venture—almost as daunting for me as for the participants: I expanded my 5×15 Writing Challenge to a full quarter. The first Bennett Ink 90-Day Writing Challenge launched April 1st for folks who want to go wire-to-wire until June 30th, or April 3rd for people who are only committing to writing Monday through Friday. Although we may accept some stragglers this week, at the moment it looks like everyone’s in it for the full 90. And they’re already engaging in constructive and supportive dialogue on our Facebook Group. I can’t wait until we launch our virtual Writers’ Group that will meet at least monthly on Zoom.

I continue to write for clients. But this month I have another speech for a client who rarely steps in front of the microphone: Me. The one I delivered in March was a resounding success; fingers crossed April’s will be as well.

I’ll update this page as things change. And thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea of the “Now” Page.